Tattoocainez 10g


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Tattoocainez Anesthetic Cream 10g
Finally there’s a dermal numbing cream that works! TattoocaineZ is indicated to be the BEST long-lasting skin analgesia in the market used for tattooing, body piercing and even laser tattoo removal for up to 4 hours. It doesn’t complicate the healing of the skin and it is safe to use with correct application. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional!
So grab it now to believe it!
TattoocaineZ numbing cream is used prior to a tattoo session. It numbs the skin first, therefore enables the session to be smooth and uninterrupted. TattoocaineZ is the solution to take the edge off for first time clients and even long session clients. 
A tube of 10g TattoocaineZ Anesthetic Numbing cream can be applied up till 20cm (H) by 15cm (W). 
Product Information:
Shelf Life: 3 years
Tattoocainez cream is indicated as a local anesthetic cream for micro-needle pain, body piercing, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, waxing and permanent cosmetics.
Dosage and Direction of Use:
The dose of Tattoocainez that can provide effective anesthesia depends on the duration of the application over the treated skin area. The duration of the application prior to tattoo and laser removal is 1 hour.